Gary Stearn

Software Engineering & Multimedia Studies BCs

Welcome to my new website.

As you can see there is very little content at the mement, but please visit back soon.

I plan to add the following sections to my site over the comming days and weeks,

  1. Code Examples
  2. Family Photo Gallery
  3. Music I Listen Too

Latest News

Mar 2014

Promoted to Head of Application Development

Sep 2013

Started creating a simple MEF application

Sep 2013

Created a Connect4 game in WPF this evening

Sep 2013

Will attempt to put the felt on the shed roof if the rain stays away

Aug 2013

Spent the day putting up new garden shed with my Dad. Had to finish early due to rain

Apr 2013

A new addition to the family, a baby girl

Jan 2013

Moving house today. Time to make a start on those boxes!